Beacon (1971) Per Abramsen & Rob Maingay

BKOR archive
About the artwork

Visual artists Per Abramsen and Rob Maingay worked for six months on this four-tonne illegal image. On 15 April 1971, the artwork was unveiled at the Groot IJsselmonde shopping center and was donated to city dwellers. Abramsen and Maingay themselves distributed leaflets to local residents, because waiting for the judgment of a specialized municipal committee was considered a waste of time. Just make that art, they found. Thus, they placed this sculpture of pipes and concrete in front of the mall without permission. The work is called Beacon. It is a strange and incomparable image that seems to be embraced by local residents. In practice it is regularly used to sit and talk to each other.

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About Per Abramsen

Per Abramsen (Rotterdam, 1941 - Rotterdam, 2018) lived and worked in Rotterdam and southern France. He exhibited in Marseille, Paris, Philadelphia, New York, Basel, Chicago and in many Dutch museums. His work is in collections of national and international museums. Abramsen works with a combination of constructed and organic forms. Since 1990 he works with shadows, inspired by the bright light in the South of France. The interplay of light, form and shadow is important in Abramsen's work. He has made various works in public space. He participated in various cultural committees and boards in Rotterdam and was chairman of the Professional Association of Visual Artists (BBK). As an artist, he is affiliated with the RAM gallery, for which he also designed the interior in 2001.

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About Rob Maingay

Rob Maingay (Semarang, 1939 - Rotterdam, 2016) was a Dutch sculptor, architect and furniture designer. He was born in Semarang in Central Java in the former Dutch East Indies and studied at the Academy of Visual Arts and Technical Sciences in Rotterdam. In 1967 he received a first prize for his sculpture. From 1969 he was active as a sculptor in Rotterdam. He made a few images for the public space in different municipalities, metal abstract-geometric objects, spiraling or stepped forms. He made wooden spiraling images up to the XNUMXs and also exhibits such wave movements in wood and stone in galleries, including at Nouvelles Images in The Hague. Maingay lived and worked in Rotterdam-Vreewijk.

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