Liberation Monument (1950) Joan Bakker

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About the artwork

This Liberation Monument was made by sculptor Joan Bakker and municipal architect Jan Poot. It was unveiled on May 5 in May 1950 by then Mayor Oud. It consists of a column of red brick, interrupted by collars of French natural stone. Reliefs have been applied at eye level that represent dancing youth. The crown of the column is a lion, also made of French limestone. The text on the column is:5 May 1945 - we commemorate our cases". The monument ties in with the historic part of Tuindorp Vreewijk, which is a cultural heritage site. The detailing of the houses corresponds to the rich detailing on the monument. Shortly after the liberation, Tuindorpers had collected 3.000 guilders for the creation of a memorial in gratitude for the fact that their neighborhood had been spared during the war years. Although it still lacked the same amount, the municipality nevertheless commissioned Bakker and Poot to design this monument.

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About the artist

Joannes (Joan) Petrus Anthonius Maria Bakker (Oosterblokker, 1919 - 1999) visited the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam, after which he settled permanently in Rotterdam. Among other things, he was a student of Herman Mees (1880 - 1964) and the husband of sculptor and ceramicist Riet (Maria) Elias. He made it together with Jan Poot (architect at the Municipality of Rotterdam) Liberation Monument at the Brink in Vreewijk, Feijenoord. On an office building on Botersloot, he designed ornaments with great visual power and clear stonemason qualities. He was able to handle the hardest types of stone, in which he applied reliefs with attention to the role of light on the various types of stone. There are several works by Joan Bakker in Rotterdam.

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