Coen Moulijn (2009) Tom Waakop Reijers

Max Dereta
About the artwork

When Waakop Reijers was commissioned to realize an image of Coen Moulijn, he was asked not to create a naturalistic copy of the person. Waakop Reijers made a bronze statue, on which the football player has just given a cross. His gaze shows how he watches his ball on the playing field. Coen Moulijn was born in 1955 in the Old North, where Tom Waakop Reijers also spent his childhood. The soccer player is an important symbol for Feyenoord. It is among others thanks to Moulijn that the Rotterdam club built up such a big name. For a long time there has been a desire to honor the famous left winger with a statue. This desire came from prominent figures (including Ivo Opstelten, Lee Towers and Bert van Marwijk) and ordinary fans. The fact that there is a statue of this famous Rotterdam football player has gained an extra emotional value when Moulijn died in 2011. Waakop Reijers designed the loosely looking Moulijn on the actual length of the football player: 1.72 cm. Because the image is on a low base, the fans can feel at the same height as the football player. The statue originally stood in front of the entrance to the Kuip, but because of vandalism it was placed in the Kuip in November 2013. Moulijn was also previously honored by artist Hans Citroen. In 1990, Citroen designed a wall similar to the former wall where Moulijn kicked his ball as a boy.

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About the artist

Tom Waakop Reijers (Rotterdam, 1948) is a figurative sculptor of human and animal figures. The materials used by him are wood, bronze, brass and corten steel. He is the designer of the Rotterdam Bokelping: a medal that has been awarded annually since 1994 to people who have made a special contribution to the former borough of Noord. The artist lives and works in Rotterdam. He is best known for his statues by Joop Zoetemelk (1986) and Coen Moulijn (2009).

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