Cone (male) (1984) Per Abrams

Otto Snoek
About the artwork

On the sidewalk is a conical object that represents a man in a very abstract way. A bit further on, near the Abtsweg roundabout, is a second cone representing a woman. The cones, made by the Rotterdam artist Per Abramsen, consist of overlapping bronze plates that are attached to a concrete base. They lean over their pedestal, onto the street. Because the cones are a few hundred meters apart, the work is difficult to experience in its entirety. Abramsen has contributed to art and culture in Rotterdam for more than 30 years and there are several works by him in the public space of Rotterdam. Abramsen has translated the title of this work into English, therefore the official title Cone (male).

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About the artist

Per Abramsen (Rotterdam, 1941 - Rotterdam, 2018) lived and worked in Rotterdam and southern France. He exhibited in Marseille, Paris, Philadelphia, New York, Basel, Chicago and in many Dutch museums. His work is in collections of national and international museums. Abramsen works with a combination of constructed and organic forms. Since 1990 he works with shadows, inspired by the bright light in the South of France. The interplay of light, form and shadow is important in Abramsen's work. He has made various works in public space. He participated in various cultural committees and boards in Rotterdam and was chairman of the Professional Association of Visual Artists (BBK). As an artist, he is affiliated with the RAM gallery, for which he also designed the interior in 2001.

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