Dancing couple (1979) Kees Verkade

photo BKOR archive
About the artwork

This bronze plastic with the title Dancing couple stands in the garden of the apartment complex 's-Gravenzicht. The work of art was made by sculptor Kees Verkade, who mostly made figurative sculptures made of bronze in which movement is a recurring theme. This is also the case in this statue, in which a boy and girl hold each other's hands and appear to be dancing around. The bronze statue stands on a granite pedestal, but now there are so many plants around it that it is barely visible. The children seem to really dance in the garden. Dancing couple was purchased in 1979 by the Association of Owners of 's-Gravenzicht.

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About the artist

Kees Verkade (Haarlem, 1941 - Monaco, 2020) made more than 4.000 images. He studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague from 1958 to 1963. Due to lack of space, he ended up in the sculpture department instead of drawing advertising, his original wish. As a visual artist he made countless statues and busts of famous people from high society. His artisanal and highly understandable figurative style made him a popular artist and even a star in the jet set. He had lived and worked in Monaco for years, where he had good ties with the royal family.

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