The kick-off of Jayne Mansfield (2004) Hans Citroen

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About the artwork

The film star Jayne Mansfield kicked off Sparta - DOS in 1957. A photo of this legendary moment, made by photographer Kees Molkenboer, has been transformed into a billboard and was attached to the facade of the new Schieoevers building in Spangen. At the initiative of artist Hans Citroen and under the auspices of CBK Rotterdam, an important event in Rotterdam's city history has come back to life with this artwork. October 2004 'Spartal legend' Tinus Bosselaar unveiled the artwork in the midst of music and cotton candy, after which Jules Deelder spoke, artist Henk Tas turned pictures from 1957 and screened films with Jayne Mansfield, including the entry of Jayne Mansfield in Rotterdam from the Polygon Journal. It was a sensational event in 1957, which those present can still remember well. In a tight pencil skirt and on heels, the film star kicked the ball away from the grass in Het Kasteel. Then she kissed the keeper on the mouth, who, according to her and others' sayings, was not very impressed. The football match itself then ended badly for the people of Rotterdam. DOS won with 7 - 0 from Sparta. There was also a thirteen-year-old Jules Deelder in the audience in the stand, who later described his memories of the appearance of the blonde vamp in 'Busy Days'. At the unveiling of the billboard he recalls how the footballers reacted to her presence. The program was part of the 'Buurtbios Spangen 2004' party weekend. The project came about with the cooperation of: Mecanoo Architects, WoningBedrijf Rotterdam, Primary School Het Kasteel, Delphi Opbouwwerk. At the start of 2017, the work was blown off the façade during a storm.

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About the artist

Hans Citroen (The Hague, 1947) followed the direction of painting from 1966 to 1969 at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague. Then he followed up to 1973 a course at the Ateliers 63 in Haarlem. With Bob van Persie he managed from 1974 to 1976 the smallest museum in the Netherlands: the legendary The Keikdoos Museum in Rotterdam Central Station. Citroen became known as an artist with Kunst & Vaarwerk, an artists' collective that he founded in 1979 with artists Cor Kraat and Willem van Drunen, and with which he played a major role in Rotterdam art history in the field of art in public space. In 2010 he made the book with his wife Barbara Starzyńska Auschwitz - Oświęcim. His book appeared in 2014 Auschwitz de Juden disastere about a forgotten platform.

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