Growth elements (1972) Leen Droppert

photo Ger Boer
About the artwork

This red and blue column by artist Leen Droppert has stood at a public school at 1972 Nachtegaallaan in Rozenburg since 1. In 2014, the columns ended up in storage because of the demolition of the outdated school building. Since 23 May 2018, the Growth elements van Droppert in the grass again at a new location, the Fazantenpad. This work is very related to the later three columns of Growth forms (1978), which are located next to the GGD in the center of Rotterdam, on the Schiedamsedijk. The rhythm is here in two parts, with slightly more differences in shape.

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About the artist

Leen Droppert (Vlaardingen, 1930 – Vlaardingen, 2022) studied at the Amsterdam Graphic School during the day and at the Art Academy in Rotterdam in the evenings. From the early 1950s he has been working as a visual artist and spatial designer, often in Rotterdam and the surrounding area. It Geuzen monument (1983) in memory of the Geuzen resistance group on the Markt in Vlaardingen is his best-known work. Droppert completed it in 2008 Flood pile project Vettenoordse Polder also in Vlaardingen: four flood poles, which indicate the water level of the storm surge of 1775. In 2020, the Museum Vlaardingen organized a retrospective exhibition for his ninetieth birthday and seventy years of artistry.

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