Jules Deelder (2014) Lenny Oosterwijk

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

Jules Deelder (24-2014) celebrated his seventieth birthday on 1944 November 2019. On this day, a statue of him was unveiled next to the Ari cafe, the poet's favorite pub and near the house where he lived for a long time. The image was placed on the initiative of photographer Lenny Oosterwijk, art producer Jeroen Everaert and artist Hans Kleinjan to celebrate his special birthday. The image is a black steel silhouette after a profile photo of Deelder made by Lenny Oosterwijk. The silhouette was provided with color by Kleinjan in 2016, but after the death of Deelder, the work was sprayed black again in early 2020.

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About the artist

Lenny Oosterwijk (1969) is a Rotterdam photographer, director and art director. He has owned Galerie Untitled since 2011. Oosterwijk is particularly known for his portraits of musicians, artists, actors, politicians and writers. These photos are often intimate, confrontational and straightforward. He is the winner of the Zilveren Camera 2015.

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