Reading girl (1981) Leo van Oudheusden

photo BKOR archive
About the artwork

There is one in front of the Rozenburg Public Library Reading girl from bronze on a thick brick book made by Leo van Oudheusden. Van Oudheusden has taken different paths as a sculptor, from reliefs and bronze in the 1960s to more spatial designs in the 1980s. He made combinations of sculptures as the center of a spatial composition, using environmental materials such as paving and stone. Here he collaborated with architect Arie Kasbergen for the design that was carried out in collaboration with a brick factory for the ornamental pavement on the outer square and in collaboration with a glass workshop for thick cast glass windows: bronze sculpture, pavement, facade ornaments and windows form one whole. The walls behind the statue (also around the corner) have a wavy brick pattern and octagonal windows.

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About the artist

Sculptor, graphic artist, painter and draftsman Leo van Oudheusden (Rozenburg, 1946) attended the Rotterdam art academy from 1964 to 1968, after which he settled in his birthplace Rozenburg with a studio. He has worked a lot in bronze. From 1981 he had a studio in Didam.

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