Praise of Foolishness (1989) Geert van de Camp

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

In 1988, Erasmus University Rotterdam celebrated its 75 anniversary with a series of scientific and cultural activities, including the project Praise of Foolishness, to one of the most famous works of Erasmus. Geert van de Camp's design was chosen from eight sketch designs. The starting point of this design is the classical equestrian statue with in this case a donkey as a symbol of stupidity. The donkey has been transformed into a stylized structure of spheres and cones and the legs have been transformed into a stylized wave. It is a very recognizable work with a powerful form that you will not soon forget. It radiates monumentality and it has humor and lightness. The design is a contemporary ode to the literature and humor of Erasmus. Lof der Zotheid, a donkey monument is a striking sculpture that is well known in Rotterdam.

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About the artist

Geert van de Camp (1962) makes very varied images and does not commit himself to a kind of method and material. Since 1995 he works together with Ruud Reutelingsperger and André Dekker in the artists' group Observatorium. They build observatories at the interface of architecture and the visual arts, giving the visitor the opportunity to look at himself and the surrounding environment.

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