Man-girl (1975) Hans van der Plas

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About the artwork

A small statue is attached to a brick landing wall at Recreatiecentrum Oostervant. It is a sweet, crazy statue, but also a bit of a curiosity. The small plastic is called Man-girlbecause on the one hand it is a girl and on the other hand it is an old man. The two-sided statue is made of aluminum cement. A retirement home was demolished for the construction of the pool, so the Rotterdam artist Hans van der Plas made a double image of a young and old figure in the same silhouette. The wall is part of the composition. Van der Plas was commissioned to build the recreation center in 1975. The statue was removed during the redesign of the square.

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About the artist

The Rotterdam artist Hans van der Plas (Rotterdam, 1925 - Rotterdam, 1991) is a son of monumental artist Adriaan van der Plas. He attended the Rotterdam Academy for Visual Arts, after which he developed into a versatile artist. He trained himself in various techniques, for free work (gouaches, graphics) and on commission. He made a number of murals, stained-glass windows and sculptures, the XNUMXs being his most productive period. Van der Plas frequently chose Rotterdam as a source of inspiration.

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