Man sheep (1966) Adri Blok

BKOR archive
About the artwork

This Man sheep van Adri Blok is, despite his name, a goat. The sculpture is a bit more dangerous than most bronze animals, of which Rotterdam has a lot in the outdoor space. The whole body expresses the tension of a sheep that is going to attack. Not only does it bend its horned head, the four legs are also slanted to express the moment that the animal pushes itself off to attack.

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About the artist

Adriana Cornelia Blok (Rotterdam, 1919 - 1990) was born in Charlois and received her education at the academy of visual arts in Rotterdam. She was one of the first sculptors in the Netherlands to make concrete reliefs. There are several bronze statues of her in Rotterdam, such as Koos Speenhoff and the Drum bearing.

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