Monument for BRIGHTNESS (2021) Micha Prinsen & Lloyd Mosquito

photo Aad Hoogendoorn
About the artwork

On August 29, 2021, prior to the Brightness Festival, it is Monument for BRIGHTNESS unveiled on the Brightness Square. HELDERHEID is the Rotterdam rapper and word artist Breyten Muskiet (1978-2004), who was born in IJsselmonde. His mother named him after the South African writer and poet Breyten Breytenbach. In his environment he was known as a leader and role model, who took care of the weak. Even though he wasn't always a sweetheart himself, he stood up for injustice. During a period in prison, he came to realize that he did not want to throw his life away. That is why he shared this wisdom with other young people and encouraged them to make positive choices. He taught them to finish school and to commit themselves to the neighborhood and its residents. His nickname soon became 'Help', because of his helpful nature. He started his rap career with English lyrics, but soon opted for the Dutch language. He also renamed himself CLARITY: "Hear Every Lesson That Has Reason And Ignore Folly." He founded his own rap group called the “Gear Committee”. He also had a solo career with which he released three solo songs: BRIGHTNESSReality en Progression. The last two songs appeared on the compilation CD 'Alle 13 dope' from the label Top Notch & HomeGrown. His profound songs make people think and are still of great value in the rap scene. On April 7, 2004, CLEARNESS died in his sleep at the age of 25 of cardiac arrest. Since 2008, the Helderheid Festival has been organized annually by Stichting Helderheid 5314. The foundation is looking for talents who want to delve more deeply into the art of positivity. The Brightness Cup is awarded each year to the best rap performance. CLEARNESS tried to fight racism in his neighborhood and city with his actions and texts. His lyrics show that he was aware of the barriers and the struggle that his peers had to deal with and have to deal with themselves and their challenges. A stanza from the song Progression is, written in his own handwriting, is an important part of the Monument for BRIGHTNESS become. In the monument, the vision of BRIGHTNESS is represented in a universal message of love, joy, peace and self-control – the keys to living together on all fronts in a neighborhood and city. Visual artist Micha Prinsen and designer Lloyd Muskiet designed a four-meter high stainless steel slanted column, with patterns that hark back to Surinamese wood carvings. The opposing triangles incorporated into the monument refer to a common motif called Kaiman Tifi, the teeth of the caiman. The meaning of this is 'if the teeth don't work well together, the tongue gets in'. The patterns culminate in the BRIGHTNESS logo designed by Breyten.

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About Micha Prinsen

Visual artist Micha Prinsen made it together with designer Lloyd Muskiet Monument for BRIGHTNESS. Years earlier, after the death of HELDERHEID, he drew up an idea following conversations with friends of the rapper.

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About Lloyd Mosquito

Lloyd Muskiet (Paramaribo, 1963) is a master architect. He studied Architecture at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture. In his graduation design, he investigated the relationship between architecture and culture. Because culture is an expression of specific customs and habits, he assumes that these also manifest themselves on the street in the built environment. In his quest as a designer, he still takes those specific habits as the starting point for his proposals. Lloyd Muskiet made it together with visual artist Micha Prinsen Monument for BRIGHTNESS.

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