Operation Manna (Manna Monument) (2006) Observatorium

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About the artwork

Along the A20 at Terbregge, a work of art is made mainly of crash barriers. This material has made a connection between the aesthetics of the motorway on the one hand and the Terbregge residential area on the other. Because of the material used, the work has more or less become part of the noise barrier, creating a relationship between these two usually separate worlds. The pavilion, asphalt garden and walkway were delivered in 2001. After this, the work was given a new meaning at the initiative of the citizens involved as a memorial monument for the food drops at the end of the Hunger Winter in April and May 1945, which took place in the area. Since 2006, the artwork also functions as a memorial for this dropping, "Operation MannaCalled. In this way the work naturally took on the organic use function desired by Observatorium, in addition to the connection and lookout point.

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About the artist

Observatorium is a collaboration of artists Geert van de Camp, André Dekker, Ruud Reutelingsperger and Lieven Poutsma in Rotterdam. Since 1997 they have dedicated themselves to the connections between art, landscape and society. They make sculptures that are accepted as a common good for that genius loci and that are used.

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