Prins Alexanderplein (2018) 75B

Hans Wilschut
About the artwork

The Prins Alexanderplein is undergoing a metamorphosis. Studio 75B has made a design for the square and the facade. The square is colored blue and green for a period of two years. This is a reference to the peat polder from which the Alexander polder once arose, also the lowest point in the Netherlands. The water management of this polder is very complex and consists of such 1.000 pumps and locks. The blue and green marking of the square symbolizes pride; proud of living in the polder, which would never be possible without 'human hands'. The blue refers to the water, the green color to the polder. The image Space Time II by artist Joost Baljeu is standing with his feet in the water. A large image of the polder landscape is stuck to the wall of the building opposite Stadswinkel Prins Alexander. Various activities for young and old are regularly programmed on the square. Go to the website For more information.

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About the artist

75B is a creative agency from Rotterdam. The studio was founded in 1997 by three students from the Willem de Kooning Academy, including Rens Muis and Pieter Vos. They have designed many house styles for the cultural sector in Rotterdam, such as the Rotterdam International Film Festival, RoTheater, Codarts, Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum, LantarenVenster and Annabel. But also the logos and corporate identity of CBK Rotterdam, Sculpture International Rotterdam, TENT and BKOR - including this website - was designed by 75B. Other clients are the Van Abbemuseum and the Mondriaan Fund. They make means of communication in which contemporary visual culture plays a role, but also independent work that is included in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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