Roteb Eco monument (2011) Jan Eric Visser

photo Jan Eric Visser
About the artwork

The service building of the Roteb on Kleinpolderplein was due for a makeover, which led to a sustainable renovation of the building. The building was opened on 5 October 2011, together with the unveiling of the artwork Roteb Eco monument by artist Jan Eric Visser. In collaboration with employees from almost all parts of Roteb, Visser made this sculpture in 2010-2011 from waste materials and used objects. The waste that the Roteb processes was an inexhaustible source for Visser and thanks to the help and expertise of the employees the image took shape. The foundation of it Roteb Eco monument consists of a concrete staircase, which was demolished from the service building. The plinth is made of rubble building blocks. On top of that, a skeleton of 90 bicycle frames welded together has been placed. These frames are covered with Aquadyne, a drainage system made from recycled waste plastic, with which green roofs and green facades can be built. It contains micropores for plant roots to attach to. There is an irrigation system in the base, which is fed by two-hand solar panels, so that grass grows on top of the statue. Visser was advised by Dr. N. Reich and Erik Eikelboom (MSc) on the application of solar energy and Prof. ir. PC Struik of Wageningen University on the planting and nutritional recipe.

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About the artist

Sculptor and conceptual artist Jan Eric Visser (Leeuwarden, 1962) studied from 1982 to 1987 at the art academy in Kampen. He is a former student of Ewerdt Hilgemann. Visser focuses entirely on the transformation of his daily inorganic garbage into autonomous works of art. He has called this ongoing process since 1987 Form follows garbage, in which he examines the limits of his control over form and matter on the one hand, and addresses social themes such as raw materials scarcity and over-consumption on the other. In addition, with his outdoor sculptures he offers a platform for innovative recycling of materials. Since 2009, Visser lives and works in Rotterdam.

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