Shelter (1994) Kees Buckens

photo BKOR archive
About the artwork

This spatial construction by artist Kees Buckens consists of five natural stone parts, with a rough skin that, despite their weight, seem to lean loosely on each other. They are held in place thanks to a pair of metal pillars that do not spoil the transparency of the image. It is an object where it is unclear where inside starts and ends outside. This resembles modernist architecture from the 20 century, but the raw materials also remind of prehistoric structures such as dolmens. The work has great emotional significance for the neighborhood. Shelter was founded for the late square director Henk Duivenstijn.

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About the artist

Kees Buckens (Breda, 1957) studied at the Academy of Art and Design and Plastic Design in Breda. He then visited the Jan van Eyk Academy in Maastricht. Buckens makes sculptures from wood and stone, whereby the process of creation remains visible in the final result. His images can be both abstract and figurative.

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