Taxat (2004) Woody van Amen

BKOR archive
About the artwork

Taxat is a stainless steel sculpture representing a spatial translation of the double cross (mathematical form). You think you see stacked cubes, but once closer you see the open structure. It is a powerful image. The theme of the stacked crosses started to play a major role in Van Amen's work after the turn of the century. They seem to be a logo or symbol without being a reference to an existing source, and because of that emblematic form are of interest to Van Amen, who has been dealing with a Popart-like visual language since the 1960s. The initiative for this image was taken by Stichting Taxat. For more information: Taxat.

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About the artist

Woody van Amen (Eindhoven, 1936) traveled to New York in the early sixties and came in contact with Popart. On his return to the Netherlands, he soon got the nickname "Father of the Dutch Pop Art." Since the seventies, he has been using visual elements in his paintings, which he has noticed during his travels abroad. Van Amen mixes various techniques in his work and makes paintings, sculptures, drawings, photos and collages. His paintwork and objects are figurative and recognizable.

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