Transportation (1963) Henk Tieman

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

Since 1963 there has been a ceramic facade relief on the corner of Industrieweg and Bornissestraat with the theme 'Transport'. The work is beautifully situated on the facade and a small part of it turns the corner. The colored relief shows a number of cars, birds, cranes from the harbor and a man standing in a forge. The work is placed on a building that previously housed the RHIWA trading company, the Rotterdamse Handel in Wagenbouw Articles, where parts for cars and trucks were manufactured. The RHIWA commissioned the construction of the building. The facade relief has a length of 11 meters and is 2 meters high. The work was made by De Porceleyne Fles and through them we learned that the creator of the work is visual artist Henk Tieman.

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About the artist

Visual artist Henk Tieman (The Hague, 1921 - Rotterdam, 2001) was educated at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. He was a student of the artist Oswald Wenckebach (sculpture) and Frits Eschauzier (decorative arts) at the TH Delft, later the Delft University of Technology. Tieman was employed from 1938 to 1982 as a monumental artist in the Construction pottery department of De Porceleyne Fles. First at the age of 17 as a pottery painter and designer of cloisonné tiles, but later as chief designer and head of the Department of Monumental Building Plastics. Tieman made drawings, tiles, ceramics, sculptures, glass art, sculptures and wall reliefs on commission and he worked both abstractly and figuratively. He was a member of Arti et Industriae in The Hague and the association of visual artists De Kring in Delft. His work can be found in various places in the Netherlands.

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