Wilhelminasteen (2013) Arnoud Holleman

Max Dereta
About the artwork

On 30 in May 1891, the then 10-year-old Queen Wilhelmina placed a memorial stone for the construction of the Wilhelminakade. Through this laying of stones she gave her name to this new quay. The memorial stone was bricked in the quay wall, so that passengers of the ferry could see the stone well upon arrival. The ferry was lifted a few years later, the scaffolding fell into disuse and the stone was forgotten. Until in 1976 the quay wall had to be moved around 50 meters due to the expansion of the Wilhelminakade, so that the Wilhelminasteen was noticed and lifted from her place. To everyone's surprise, a small time capsule was found, which ended up in the archive of Museum Rotterdam. The Wilhelminasteen is placed in the departure hall of the Holland America Line, but was transported and stored to the Gemeentewerf during a renovation in 1997. In 2005 she was relocated horizontally in the pavement at the Montevideo building next to Hotel New York. Due to the horizontal location, the stone is damaged and as the development of the Wilhelminapier progresses, Bram van Norden project manager of the Kop van Zuid concludes that the Wilhelminasteen represents a historical value. CBK Rotterdam is instructed to give the Wilhelminasteen a permanent place on the Wilhelminakade. The artist Arnoud Holleman is approached because he gives a different twist to art in public space with works that unite history and present and encourage reflection. He leaves an exact replica of the Wilhelminsteen in which a time capsule is again placed. In the months prior to the sealing of the time capsule there will be via the website www.wilhelminasteen.nl collected a large number of questions for the future, which are placed in the capsule. On 30 in May 2013, exactly 122 years later, were the original Wilhelminasteen and the exact replica bricked again. The new time capsule is in the cast, which will be opened on 30 in May 2135. On 30 in May 2014 became the first Wilhelminaday celebrated, because that day the time capsule was exactly one year in the quay wall. Time capsules play a game with time, where remembering and forgetting go hand in hand. Wilhelminaday is therefore the day to keep the memory of the time capsule alive. For more information go to www.wilhelminasteen.nl.

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About the artist

Visual artist Arnoud Holleman (Haarlem, 1964) is a versatile talent. He is active both in the public space and in museums as a writer-director for television and as a visual artist. He organized 'Radio Balzac' for the Van Abbe Museum and provided an image of Rodin in Zwolle with a telephone number on which callers heard a monologue about how this bronze Adam thinks it is to be on the street. His work has been shown in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and in various foreign museums.

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