Yellow-free Zone (2018) Adrien Lucca

photo Jannes Linders
About the artwork

The French artist Adrien Lucca has designed a light artwork for the hall of the Maashaven metro station. The artwork Yellow-free Zone is a lighting installation that replaces the existing lighting of the station hall with a special white light. The lamps developed by Lucca work as an 'analog photoshop filter in real time'. The white light removes the color yellow from all bodies and objects in this zone, creating a 'color blinding' effect. Some objects become more intense in color, while others lose vitality in color. For Lucca, it is a magical play of light and color that questions the viewer's perception of himself and the world. Lucca realized Yellow-free Zone commissioned by Sculpture International Rotterdam in collaboration with the RET and Rib. The artwork became official on December 17, 2018. For more information: Sculpture International Rotterdam.

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About the artist

The French artist Adrien Lucca (Paris, 1983) has lived and worked in Brussels since 2004. He is a color teacher at the École nationale supérieure des Arts visuels (ENSAV). Over the years, Lucca has built up a diverse oeuvre with drawings, prints, installations and lectures on his scientific research into the use of light and color. In his work he combines measuring instruments, computer algorithms and the artistic imagination. In 2010 and 2011 he conducted research at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. Earlier this year his work was shown in the exhibition Mémoire #2 White light researches / white light demons / white light demos in Rib. A recent work by Lucca in public space is Soleil de Minuit in the Montreal metro from 2017.

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