Zebra in the nests (2015) Herman Lamers

Salih Kilic
About the artwork

Zebra in the nests consists of four large aluminum stork nests with a life-size zebra on one nest. The nests have integrated light fixtures, which are placed on special posts, so that the work provides atmospheric lighting to the redesigned square on the Diergaardesingel in the evening. Herman Lamers' artwork refers to the time that Blijdorp Zoo was on the center side of the track. During the Second World War, the Diergaarde head office was at the head of the Kruiskade and Diergaardesingel. The zebra literally got into nests, referring to the animals that roamed freely due to the bombing. The story goes that zebras grazed on the Diergaardesingel and a sea lion ended up in the Westersingel. On November 28 became 2015 Zebra in the nests revealed. The artwork was created at the initiative of the West-Kruiskade Alliance to crown the redesigned square on the Diergaardesingel. The building on the Kruisplein of the Mecanoo architectural office was previously adapted to become part of the square. Urban development redesigned it with more greenery and seats.

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About the artist

Herman Cornelis Lamers (Bussum, 1954) is a Rotterdam sculptor, installation artist, photographer and draftsman. He studied from 1975 to 1980 at the Minerva Academy in Groningen. He always works in a spatial, sometimes abstract but more often in a figurative visual language, always dependent on and in relation to the environment. His work can be seen in galleries and exhibition spaces and he has various commissions in public space, including a number in Rotterdam.

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