Mermaid (2006) Chris Ripken

photo BKOR archive
About the artwork

In 2006 artist Chris Ripken made a sculpture of a mermaid for Eudokiaplein lying on the edge of a square pond with a spray fountain. The work was maintained for years with money from the borough by the artist and young people from the neighborhood, who could earn a little extra in this way. But a major overhaul was needed and money for maintenance was not available from the municipality again. Local residents took action and with money from the Rotary Club in Hillegersberg, the Mermaid undergo a metamorphosis. It has been completely re-tiled by the artist and many volunteers. Previously it was yellow and red; the new item from 2019 is pink, gold and blue.

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About the artist

Sculptor and ceramist Chris Ripken (Rotterdam, 1956), who grew up in Ethiopia, is very active in Rotterdam Noord. He has made various colorful sculptures of small ceramic tiles, in which he prefers human figures. Ripken is very involved with society and society. He regularly involves local residents in making his sculptures. Freedom of speech is his most famous work. He mainly uses colorful ceramics to give color and cheer to the gray city. Ripken has been based in Belgium since 2019.

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