Silver cloud (2004) Rolf Engelen

photo Rolf Engelen
About the artwork

At the intersection of the Engelsestraat with the Roemeensestraat in the 'Landenbuurt' there is a small gym with a nice gym. Artist Rolf Engelen, who has already organized various art projects in the 'Landenbuurt', had an idea for the facade of this. He drilled 10.000 holes in the wall and filled it with the same number of stainless steel rods. The work revolves around the tension between this ordinary street and wall on the one hand and the shimmer of the wall under the influence of the light on the other. This is filtered by a maple for the wall. The work is entitled de Silver cloud because the work shines, glows in the sun, and goes out at dusk. On October 6 the 2004 became the Silver cloud disclosed. A year after the statue was unveiled, the tree had suddenly disappeared. The owner of the building promised to replant it. The artist indicated that he wanted a silver birch, but a mistake made it a cultivated city tree, a sphere on a trunk, closed like a shrub. Joey and Teun of the Autodidatic Front decided to intervene. They bought a silver birch, dug out the 'bulb on the trunk' and planted the newcomer. They gave him the water and care he needed. Since then there is a future in the picture again. The birch will shine with that cloud in its crown.

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About the artist

Rolf Engelen (Nijmegen, 1964) was educated at the Academy of Visual Arts and Design in Den Bosch. Engelen is a versatile visual artist who, in addition to exhibitions, also has many neighborhood projects in public space to his name. From 1995 to 2006 he was director of Museum Nagsael's Odd Months and in 1997 he founded the Second Chance Plant company that saves plants from the street. He lives and works in Rotterdam, where he is also a teacher at the Willem de Kooning Academy.

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