Untitled (1961) Henk Mooij

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About the artwork

For the elderly center of the TW Termaatstichting at the 's-Gravenwetering in Kralingen, the Rotterdam sculptor Henk Mooij has made a ceramic tile tableau. The wall is 7 meters wide and 3 meters high and is located on the left next to the entrance on the east side of the building. The architect ir. E. van de Ree longed for a relief that would be one with the building in form and color. The artist's approach, which enjoyed great freedom, has been considered. His goal was to connect the strongly horizontal of the low wing and the no less strong vertical of the high-rise in his composition. "Both the colors and the structure of the glazes are richly varied, sometimes even strikingly beautiful, both in the blues and in the strong reds. The single color in between, which in itself seems less successful, nevertheless gets its value harmoniously in the whole, Says Piet Begeer in The Free People from 23 June 1961.

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About the artist

Henk Mooij (Rotterdam, 1930) is a sculptor, ceramicist, monumental artist and spatial designer. He studied from 1949 to 1953 at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam. His work developed in the direction of objects for the outside environment, through conscious eclectic work to conceptual constructivism. In the surroundings of Rotterdam and also in his later home town of Drunen, he has made several wall plastics and reliefs in public space. He himself says about his work: 'It consists of forms in the space that are clearly visible made up of separate parts. Because of their organization, they form a whole like bricks organize into a wall with a brickwork pattern. My shapes are geometric, sometimes distorted by external forces such as pressure, tension and gravity. '

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