The three fish (1957) Gérard Héman

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About the artwork

Three fishes with a child figure on top each inject a jet of water into the air. An original ceramic sculpture of a child on a fish was cast in bronze by the Rotterdam artist Ronald Motta three times and composed into a fountain. After Héman's death, a few local residents took the initiative to place this fountain in the Provenierssingel near the Nicolaas Zasstraat, where the artist lived and worked for approximately 40 years. In 1998 is the fountain The three fish unveiled by boxer Regilio Tuur.

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About the artist

Gérard Héman (Duisburg, 1914 - Rotterdam, 1992) was a sculptor, painter and draftsman who attended the art academy in Rotterdam. He was born in Duisburg, but later moved to Schiebroek. Héman was involved in wood carving at a young age, so that the influence of German baroque folk art is noticeable in his work. Various works by him have been realized in the public space of Rotterdam. The best-known works are facade ornaments on the former bank building on Coolsingel.

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