The hand change (2015) Nico Parlevliet

Salih Kilic
About the artwork

Until well into the 20 century there was daily train traffic through the streets of Rotterdam South. A large and wide rail network that ran from the port of Rotterdam to the rest of Europe, has gradually disappeared due to the restructuring of the neighborhood. As a reminder of these railway lines that were so decisive for the street scene, one original hand change of the track across the Brede Hilledijk was spared by residents. Their efforts have led to this change of hands being given a place in the neighborhood as a reminder of the disappeared train tracks. The hand change stands on a salmon-colored terazzo base, which proposes a rail change to a design by artist Nico Parlevliet. This is made in collaboration with art and terrazzo company Zuliani. On November 20 became 2015 The hand change festively revealed.

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About the artist

Nico Parlevliet (Katwijk aan Zee, 1948) is a visual artist, but originally trained as a photographer at the Fotovakschool in The Hague. In 1979 he graduates cum laude from the Minerva academy in Groningen. Since 1997 he lives and works in Dordrecht. Stripped of all narrative, psychological and social contexts, it is precisely processes that interest Parlevliet and not the final image. That is why he investigates sensory experiences by creating environments in which something happens. Change, movement and the playful, chance element therein are the origin of his fascination.

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