The sunbathing star (1996) Tom Waakop Reijers

Max Dereta
About the artwork

In September 2000, the Vereniging Provenierssingel residents indicated in their vision that the Spoor- and Provenierssingel should have the appearance of an Art & Culture girth. They wanted more connection to the Westersingel in the center, where the sculpture terrace was realized in 2001. Until that time there were two statues on these canals, namely the fountain The three fish by Gérard Héman and this artwork - The sunbathing star from Tom Waakop Reijers. This image was a residents' initiative to improve the neighborhood and thus a gift from the residents to the former borough of Noord. It was unveiled to celebrate the 100 anniversary of the Provenierssingel. The following poem by Joop van den Bos can be found on the artist's website:


Now here the white glitter dawns everywhere
the growing blunder,
conjures up the waiting bather
this hectic violence,
for all that bothers
to clean in resting pleasure.

Here on this single lawn
it spreads its fertility.

Then a place for hunters
so peaceful among the thickets,
with the geese and ducks
in rocking boom.
And a singing blackbird on the roadside,
to fall in love with one
dreamy couple.

And she then who is squatting in her
bathe in the sun,
in the gentle surrender
of a dear conception.

This Wakeup image so essential
human spun and on the right
place, for those who have this oasis,
this sanctuary, oh how wonderful
so lovingly maintained

This gentle girth that is itself
knows how to save in spite of it,
to be future, to survive,
as if carried by a natural mystery.

Well let's call this a sign
the most wonderful thing that happened in this city.

It is our psyche that is bathed here now
in the sun on water, it is our psyche!
Our deeply hidden self-desire,
as our youth still in paradise.

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About the artist

Tom Waakop Reijers (Rotterdam, 1948) is a figurative sculptor of human and animal figures. The materials used by him are wood, bronze, brass and corten steel. He is the designer of the Rotterdam Bokelping: a medal that has been awarded annually since 1994 to people who have made a special contribution to the former borough of Noord. The artist lives and works in Rotterdam. He is best known for his statues by Joop Zoetemelk (1986) and Coen Moulijn (2009).

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