Ducks (1983) Evert den Hartog

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About the artwork

The work of sculptor Evert den Hartog can be seen throughout the city. At De Oedenstee children's farm in Hoogvliet there has been a bronsplastic from Den Hartog on the edge of the pond since 1983. On a base of masonry is an image in which the flight of five ducks is depicted. Den Hartog manages to capture a certain tension and an illusion of movement and balance in his images. That also applies to this image Ducks, that has a feeling of lightness through the use of little material - thin, long wings. Although the animals, had they really been, would probably collide if they keep their course as they do now ...

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About the artist

Evert den Hartog (Liesveld, 1949) was educated at the Rotterdam Academy of Visual Arts. From 1971 to 1976 he was taught there by Arie Teeuwisse and Bram Roth. In the first years after his training, he mainly made ceramic work until he decided to cast statues in bronze himself. His regular subjects are humans and animals, in many variations. Birds and bulls in particular are animals that often appear in his work. His daughter Eline modeled for the Ballerinaseries. Various works of art by Den Hartog can be found in Rotterdam. His works of art can also be found in Amsterdam, The Hague and Venlo, as well as in Belgium, Indonesia, Japan and America.

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