Julianavaas (1909) Simon Miedema

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About the artwork

This carved Julianavaas was erected to commemorate the birth of Princess Juliana on April 30, 1909. Two lion heads flank the base, while two satyr heads adorn the handles of the vase itself. The vase is also decorated with shell motifs and garlands, with which sculptor Simon Miedema refers to the 17th and 18th century garden vases. These vases decorated with shell motifs and festoons with plants refer to the three realms of nature: plant, animal and mineral. The satyr heads are mythological decorations that refer to forces of nature. Miedema made more classical sculptures in Rotterdam, such as the statues for the Wilhelmina fountain. In 2018, the Julianavaas completely restored.

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About the artist

Simon Miedema (Harlingen, 1860 - Rotterdam, 1934) was a Dutch sculptor who studied at the Academy of Visual Arts and Technical Sciences in Rotterdam. Miedema was active in an architectural society, to which he was awarded commissions for sculpture and ornamentation in Renaissance and Louis styles. His style remained 19e century. He has made several sculptures in the Maas city, including the facade images of the White House on the Wijnhaven.

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