Lives 10.000 bricks (2022) Martine Herman

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

On July 30, 1942, the deportations of Jewish Rotterdammers and Jews who lived on the Zuidhollandse Islands started from Loods 24. The annual commemoration takes place at the Eva Cohen-Hartogkade at the 'Muur', a part of the wall that surrounded the area in which Loods 24 was located, and the Jewish children's monument, a semicircle with the names of 686 children who died. At the initiative of Stichting Loods24 and Joods Kindermonument and the municipality of Rotterdam, the redevelopment of the Eva Cohen-Hartogkade took place in 2022. This quay has been greened and provided with new paving. The new layout consists of a special landscape design by artist Martine Herman, who has integrated 10.000 unique stones in the walkways between large green areas with gently swaying ornamental grasses. The 'empty', unplanted parts of the design refer to the empty spaces that were created in society by the deaths of many Jewish fellow citizens during the Second World War. The 10.000 stones, from various Dutch cities, symbolize the approximately 10.000 Rotterdam Jews who never returned. The name of this new monument is officially written one below the other:

Commissioned by Stichting Loods 24 and the municipality of Rotterdam, BKOR supervised the integration of the stones in the landscape design. BKOR brought the initiator and the municipality of Rotterdam into contact with artist Martine Herman, after which she was added to the project team.

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About the artist

Martine Herman (1970) studied Architectural Design / Monumental Design at the Art School in Arnhem (ArtEZ). As a graduated designer, she supervised art projects in public space for municipalities and housing corporations for a long time. Her interest has shifted over the years from squares, streets and neighborhoods to gardens, parks and public green spaces. She has been a partner at Tuinatelier Herman & Vermeulen since 2012.

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