Undercurrent (2002) Buro MA.AN

Max Dereta
About the artwork

Buro MA.AN, who also designed the male at the beginning of the Crooswijksesingel, placed a balcony with a balustrade at this end of the canal that marks the beginning - or end - of the Boezemsingel. Letters of the word "undercurrent" are elevated to decorative bars and can be read upside down, in the reflection of the water. The balcony with the balustrade invites you to stand on and look at the water, like on an 19 century balcony. A path of manhole covers has been installed, making it easier to walk to the balcony. An overflow from the sewer has thus been transformed into a monumental intervention. It connects water and quay, present and past. Halfway through the 19 century, Rotterdam developed the 'Romantic Single Family' in Blijdorp, Oude Noorden and Crooswijk. The webbing has been intensively restored from 2000. The execution of fifteen years The Singelplan, including the accompanying art commissions devised by Messrs Lim and Kliest, led by the municipality and CBK Rotterdam. Undercurrent is part of The Single plan.

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About the artist

Buro MA.AN is an interdisciplinary design agency that focuses on urban design, landscape, visual arts and architecture. The visual artist Martijn Boelhouwers and the urban planner André van der Eijk have realized this work.