Shooting disc (1966) Gust Romijn

photo Bob Goedewaagen
About the artwork

In 1966 this was Shooting disc in the studio of Gust Romijn noticed by some representatives of the municipality of Rotterdam. The statue was purchased on the spot and placed in a park near the Weena, which was then called 'the Worstbos'. Due to new construction, the statue was removed and stored in the depot for a long time. At the insistence of the artist, the statue was restored and the Shooting disc in 1998 relocated within the Katendrecht arts plan on the Linker Veerdam in the Buizenpark. The image has been described by Hein van Haren as a technical construction: a painting in space, manifesting itself as a large toy that cannot be ignored.

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About the artist

Gust Romijn (Noordwijkerhout, 1922 - Dreischor, 2010) worked as a sculptor, graphic artist and painter. Together with Louis van Roode and Piet Rovers, he belonged to the Window group, consisting of young Rotterdam graphic artists. In that period he also joined the Liga Nieuw Beelden. He took part in the World Fair in Brussels (1958). Romijn was awarded the National 5 May Graphics Prize (1955) and the Prix Suisse (1957). The artist lived and worked in Rotterdam for most of his career, until he moved to Dreischor on Schouwen-Duiveland in 1982.

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