Sunken fountain (2006) Hans van Lunteren

photo BKOR archive
About the artwork

On September 28, 2006, the Sunken fountain by visual artist Hans van Lunteren revealed. The artwork is located on a square near the Jodenvijver, corner of Eikenpage and Vredenoordlaan. In 1990, soil remediation of the Gasfabriek site was started in the former district of Kralingen – Crooswijk. More than 15 years later, the visible work was completed and the area was redesigned. However, the underground remediation of the deep groundwater will continue for years to come. A water purification station was built in the Vlinderbuurt for this purpose. CBK Rotterdam proposed to the municipality in 2001 to commission artist Hans van Lunteren to design a work of art as a tribute to the soil remediation of the former Gasfabriek site. After research into the existing water flows, tap water, heated groundwater, rainwater, ditch water and purified groundwater, the latter in particular prompted the artist to create a design for a submerged fountain. The groundwater is pumped up and purified at a station in Vlinderstraat. After purification, the water is pumped to the fountain. Above ground, a metal grid has been installed in the floor containing the leaves of ash, birch, maple and poplar: trees that occur in the immediate vicinity. There is a bluestone edge surrounding this grid at the same height as the paving. The composition of the leaves is built up from a slight twist, as if the wind has created a small swirl with a tranquil interior. The Vsunken fountain is visible through the grid: an armature of three stacked bowls, consecutive in size, into which the pumped water falls. When passing the leaf grid in the floor, the sound of the quietly falling water is audible. Many residents throw a coin in the Sunken fountain, as if it were a wishing well.

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About the artist

Hans van Lunteren (Alkmaar, 1945) works and lives in Utrecht and attended the art academy in Den Bosch. He works as a photographer, sculptor, conceptual artist and teaches at the art academy in Kampen. He is a much sought-after artist for designs in public spaces. Since an 2005-2009 gardener training course, he has expanded his assignments to include greenery and environmental design.

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