Sick and healed (2010) Albert Kramer

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

Commissioned by the former borough of Charlois, artist Albert Kramer made a statue that was placed on the sidewalk in front of the Medisch Punt Charlois, a GP station. The work has the appropriate title Sick and healed, because “you go to the doctor sick and come back healed,” says the artist on his website. The green figure is slightly bent and does not feel well, the yellow figure has the chin slightly up and feels good. At the request of the client, the statues were placed on an oval bench, which thus serves as a base for the figures. The bank is a meeting place or an outside waiting area for patients of the Medisch Punt. It acts as a landmark.

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About the artist

Originally Albert Kramer (Rotterdam, 1954) is a painter and draftsman, but in recent years he has worked a lot on commissions in public space, both in his hometown of Rotterdam and elsewhere in the Netherlands. The surroundings, history or the use and function of a place can give rise to his designs, which take the form of statues, play objects and murals. They are cheerful, accessible and appealing.

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