Untitled (1965) Unfamiliar

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

A tile tableau has been installed in the facade above the portico at Oostmaaslaan 99-103. The facade work is signed at the bottom right with 'Carp '65', but it is unknown to us who the exact maker is. It consists of 22 glazed tiles; 11 horizontal tiles and 2 vertical tiles. There is an abstract representation of mainly lines and surfaces in brown, blue, black and yellow on a white background. Above the signature is a large C in black on white, presumably referring to the first letter of the signature 'Carp'. The work was probably included in the percentage scheme and was an assignment for the construction of the residential block in 1965. The background of the assignment and any relationship with Rotterdam is unknown.

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About the artist

We do not know who the artist of this artwork is. If you know, send an email to n.post@bkor.nl.