Untitled (1985) Frans & Marja de Boer - Lichtveld

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

This work was completed as part of the renovation of the sewage pumping station. Buildings on the Westersingel have regularly suffered from under-capacity of the sewer system, causing cellars to fill up regularly. In 1985 the sewage pumping station was renovated by the municipality of Rotterdam. This image of the De Boer - Lichtveld couple was then designed in the context of the percentage scheme. The two artists opted for the most basic mathematical form: the circle. In art history it has traditionally symbolized eternity, the universe and thus even God. This is because it has no angles and is infinite. The couple De Boer - Lichtveld breaks through this principle because this circle is a 'bite'.

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About the artist

Frans de Boer (Amsterdam, 1942) and Marja Lichtveld (Velsen, 1941) both attended the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. For a long time they made kinetic objects: objects with a moving element. Over time, they processed high-gloss materials, so that the movement of passers-by was reflected. Their work consists of abstract forms, which can refer to the history of the place where the statue stands. The couple regularly receive commissions for the realization of monumental work in the public space. Space and light are important elements in their work.

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