Heavy weather (1999) Nicolas Dings

Rinie Bleeker
About the artwork

In 1999, the Feijenoord - Kop van Zuid (BOF) residents' organization existed for thirty years. This was celebrated with the unveiling of the artwork Heavy weather in the Nassauhaven by the then mayor Opstelten. The work of art was a symbol of the many years of dedication of different people to their residential area and the completion of urban renewal in this neighborhood. The active residents were closely involved in the selection of the artist, the assessment and the implementation of Heavy weather. The Nassauhaven, where this work is placed, is no longer a real harbor, but is located in the middle of a residential area with new-build houses. However, the water of the Nassauhaven is still connected to the sea. The tidal range thus leaves its mark on the quay walls. Artist Nicolas Dings used various symbols in this triptych. The white transparent tower in the water refers to 'the mother of all lighthouses', the Pharos from Alexandria. Instead of the sun god Helios there is a stylized oil man on this tower, referring to the Zeeland and Brabant immigrants who came to live in Feijenoord 100 years ago to work in shipping. In the evening, the tower glows in red thanks to the energy stored during the day in solar panels at the top of the lighthouse. On the quay is a terrazzo plateau on which the lunar cycle is depicted, which ensures ebb and flow. A bronze dog stands on the quay, which stands for loyalty and vigilance.

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About the artist

Nicolas Dings (Tegelen, 1953) followed courses at the City Academy in Maastricht and the State Academy of Visual Arts in Amsterdam. His plastics are often three-dimensional collages, in which he combines terrazzo with bronze and steel elements, for example. He lives and works in Amsterdam.