The second edition of NOA water pavilion at Prins Alexanderplein

photo Powerboat

Date: until September 30, 2021
Between 07.00 a.m. and midnight in blocks of 24.00 minutes
Every day ends with a light show from 21.00 pm to midnight
Location: Prins Alexanderplein
Free entrance and reservation is not necessary

The second edition of NOA, or Nomadic Overnight Aquatecture, will be on Prins Alexanderplein until September 30, 2021. This 15 meter high, temporary installation is a pop-up meeting place and a cultural stage: visitors are challenged to reflect on the consequences of climate change through theater performances, workshops and lectures.

The peat polder from which the Alexanderpolder once arose is 6 meters below sea level. It is a symbol of the pride in keeping the water supply in the polder in check, so that residents keep their feet dry. With projects like the NOA water pavilion (an initiative of the Powerboat theater group) and the artwork Prins Alexanderplein (2018) of 75B, artists, residents and policymakers stimulate a discussion about the global water challenge, starting with awareness of our own environment.

View here a short film about the NOA water pavilion made by the Powerboat Foundation and Studio Kortmann.