Chaise longue (1988) Dora Dolz

photo BKOR archive
About the artwork

This Chaise longue van Dora Dolz was created on the initiative of restaurant Zochers and the artist herself and was unveiled on April 29, 1988. The sofa is not only an object to look at, but is actually made to sit and use. Dolz painted and worked a lot with ceramics. The statue is composed of baked and glazed ceramic fragments. Dolz uses pronounced colors and shapes in her objects, which give them something theatrical. This sofa is therefore an extremely extroverted collection of curls and waves, reminiscent of a soft thick fabric and not hard glaze. Seen from the front, the sofa appears distorted from a perspective: just like the pieces of furniture in the warm, colorful interiors that Dolz paints, whose depth effect is just not quite right. Nowadays Het Heerenhuys is a wedding location, so the artwork will be depicted in many wedding photos.

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About the artist

Dora Dolz (Barcelona, ​​1941 - Rotterdam, 2008) has been making colorful, monumental ceramic vases and furniture since the late 1993s. She incorporated fan shapes, fruit and shell shapes in her work. She baked all the details of her ceramic objects separately, after which she put them together. In XNUMX Dora Dolz received the Judith Leyster Prize; an important biennial prize for female artists.

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