The family (1959) Louis van Roode

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

The ceramic wall relief The family is one of the reconstruction works of art that the Rotterdam artist Louis van Roode made in his own city. From his hand is also the mosaic The journey of Erasmus on the Holbein House and the glass mosaic on the side wall of the renovated Station Post Office (Central Post). The relief shows a man and a woman with a child. In addition, there are also illustrations of a pigeon (peace) and a bank building (city). It is the office of the Eerste Hollandse Levensverzekering Bank, which was established here. The family is made of glazed chamotte clay and mosaic.

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About the artist

During the Reconstruction period, the Rotterdam artist Louis van Roode (Delft, 1914 - Rotterdam, 1964) often worked on commission for the new architecture. He made many murals and mosaics, which adorned modern architecture, but which also told their own story about nature, culture, man and the cosmos. Major works by his hand have been preserved in Rotterdam, but also in Vlissingen, Eindhoven and The Hague. He can rightly be called one of the greatest wall artists of his time.

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