Question of Balance (2006) Toni Burgering

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About the artwork

Question of Balance a light object by Toni Burgering and consists of neon light elements with different lengths and colors. The colors blue and red on both sides represent contrasts such as between man and woman, society and the individual, young and old. The tallest column in the center, with the color green, represents hope and the future, and the elements pink, light blue and yellow in the middle represent a nuance of the harsh contrasts. With these luminous elements, Toni Burgering wants to specialize the Evenaarplein. Question of Balance is an initiative of the Foundation Residents Organization Oosterflank (SBO) and came about through close cooperation between this residents organization, the borough of Prins Alexander and the CBK Rotterdam, with contributions from Coca-Cola Enterprises Nederland BV, De Nieuwe Unie, Housing Foundation PWS and Stichting Bevordering of Volkskracht.

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About the artist

Toni Burgering (Barneveld, 1937 - Leiden, 2017) was educated at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam. For a long time he worked and lived in Rotterdam. Burgering worked with colored neon light. Among other things, he wrote the line of poetry by Lucebert 'Everything of value is defenseless'in 1978 on the roof of a former insurance building on the Blaak. Burgering fell under the spell of neon after a stay in the 1960s in America. He witnessed the launch of the Apollo 11 at Cape Kennedy.

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