Untitled (1965) Piet van Stuivenberg

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About the artwork

This abstract white marble sculpture has a black concrete base. The white marble is partly polished, partly chiselled. Sculptor Piet van Stuivenberg signed the statue with: Piet '65. Originally, this work of art stood in an elegant spot on the Zeeltplein / Meeuwenplaat in a patch of greenery with a flowerbed. The square was completely redesigned and the greenery made way for new construction. The owner of party center 'Flamingo' noted that the work of art was not being replaced. He often cleaned the artwork on Zeeltplein. His question whether the artwork could be placed with his new 'Flamingo' was honored. Since 2010, the abstract work has been located at 150 Lengweg at the party center. In 2020 the work was removed at the request of the new owner and placed in storage.

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About the artist

Piet van Stuivenberg (Schiedam, 1901 - 1988) has made a number of sculptures for the public space of Rotterdam and Schiedam as a stonemason, such as Dolle Jans Dream (a monument to Herman Heijermans) and a sculpture at the former Bouwcentrum. He attended evening classes at the Rotterdam Academy from 1921 to 1927 and made study trips to Brussels, London and Paris. Artworks by Van Stuivenberg are in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, the Stedelijk Museum in Schiedam and in private collections. Van Stuivenberg started his career as a stonemason boy. As a sculptor he was initially influenced by expressionism, later he made geometric and sleek shapes, which increasingly tended to abstraction.

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