Charlie Chaplin & Henry Ford (1931) Leendert Bolle

photo Jacques Kleisterlee
About the artwork

In 1931, the Rotterdam city council commissioned four Rotterdam artists to make keystones for four bridges that would cross the Statensingel. The four Rotterdam artists were Herman Bieling, Leendert Bolle, Hendrik Chabot and Adriaan van der Plas. The sandstone keystones about 85 cm high are located on either side of the bridge. Sculptor Leendert Bolle designed two keystones for the Van Beuningen Bridge. The eastern side of the bridge features the famous actor and comedian Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977). On the west side of the bridge, American industrialist Henry Ford is depicted sitting in a car. Ford (1863-1947) was the founder of the Ford car factory. With these sculptures, the Rotterdam sculptor Bolle pays tribute to two great icons of the Depression years of the 1930s, which he became acquainted with during his stay in America. The four bridges have been designated as municipal monuments. See here the keystones made on the other bridges by Herman Bieling, Henry Chabot en Adriaan van der Plas.

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About the artist

Leendert Bolle (Rotterdam, 1879 - Rheden, 1942) wanted to become a painter and therefore visited the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam and the Académie Julian in Paris. He eventually became a sculptor and made monuments and tokens. He worked in America for a number of years and settled in 1913 in Rotterdam, where he has realized various works.

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